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Paul is a decisive, no nonsense and results-oriented individual. He allies these traits to calmness, dependability and, above all, loyalty. Whilst farming knowledge is a prerequisite for any rural estate manager, Paul’s farming knowledge is exceptional and runs deep in his Dorset blood. His abilities to extract every ounce of value from land is second to none, and he achieves this through micro-management of land and by deploying overlapping and integrating schemes and systems at various scales. No corner of a field is too insignificant to be overlooked.

Paul is not a typical land agent and his skills do not stop at farming, but extend to butchery and game dealing to name a couple, and he’s often found on a point-to-point course. He has a sharp mind for figures (and odds) and he prides himself on achieving his clients’ aims however ambitious they may sometimes seem.

This integration of assets can be seen most clearly in his work for the Moreton Estate where he integrates varied estate assets and features into a single, highly focused and unique enterprise.

Trust, and being trusted, are a defining feature for Paul. When he’s on your side, you’ll know it and be able to rely on it, come what may.

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