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Our People

Owen is the technician of the office. A forensic analyst, and always on top of the detail, much of which is held in his head for immediate recall – he’s not easily caught out. Owen complements this detail-oriented approach with rock steady reliability and a cooperative and patient nature. This makes a powerful combination for estates that are inherently complex in nature and need persistence to develop and implement a robust plan.

Owen is easy to deal with and is authoritative, persuasive and inclusive. It was these skills as much as any others that underpinned his success in delivering a unique solution for his client at Kimmeridge Bay.

Owen has over 15 years’ experience in the management of estates. His principal clients are a large and diverse estate in Hampshire and a leisure and tourism focused estate in south Dorset. He advises and carries out a wide range of tasks that arise in the day-to-day management of diverse rural estates. In the office, Owen is the go-to man for on-the-spot technical answers. He handles this with his trademark patience.

Owen is at his best when working on lengthy and complex tasks, concentrating on fine detail and using his analytical powers to deliver for his clients.

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We pride ourselves in delivering a personal and innovative professional service whilst forging a long-term partnership with our clients

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